Halloween Classroom Art Projects

With Halloween just around the corner, it is time to start looking for the Halloween art activities that will keep your little angels engaged while on a major sugar-high. I searched high and low on my new addiction, Pinterest, and found some great Halloween art projects that I would love to share with you! So, here goes!

This one comes from the All Kids Network and looks fantastic for younger students. There are great instructions on this site for how to paint the pumpkin seeds (without having them move all over the place!), as well as a printable pumpkin template. They recommend using 100 pumpkin seeds for this project…perhaps you could integrate some math skills in there too working with the number 100?!

This next one is an adorable toilet paper roll bat and comes from the website Child Care Days. Again, this project is great for young students and simply involves a bit of painting, tracing and cutting. If you are allowed to hang things from your ceiling, this could work!

Here is a really neat project using white glue, and seriously, what kid doesn’t want to play with glue?! These “glue line pumpkins” come from a great art blog called A Faithful Attempt I think this technique is so interesting, and there are many other ways that it could be used as well! For this project, students first draw with the glue, then outline the glue lines in black and finally use watercolors to color the picture. Be sure to visit the website for full, detailed instructions.

These funny-looking pumpkins are SO cute! The ones below were made by kindergarten students, but I really think that you could do it with a wide variety of grade levels. You can find a few more details about these here. My favorite part is definitely the teeth :)

These Frankenstein projects use basic shapes and look great when they are on a bulletin board like in the picture below! I love how they are all similar, but unique at the same time. You can see the original photo and a few details here.

This next one is from the website “Make and Takes,” which is quite fabulous, by the way! The only supplies that you would really need to go out and buy are the paper bags, otherwise you should have everything in your classroom already. I love the puppet ideas in the picture below, but you could also allow your students to design their own Halloween puppet! And, if you’re up for integrating some writing, listening and speaking skills, have your students create and perform puppet shows!

This final art project is simply amazing! When I first saw it, I was sure that it must have been made by grade 5 or 6 students, but as I read more I realized that Grade 2 students created these!! Unbelievable! These Picasso monsters come from a fantastic blog called Mrs. Picasso’s Art Room (When you have a few minutes, definitely check out this blog!!) You can click here for wonderful step-by-step instructions and lots of pictures for this Picasso-inspired project. This is also a great opportunity to integrate some art history into your teaching.

I hope that this post has given you a few new Halloween art ideas! If you are looking for more great art projects, feel free to visit my Pinterest page by clicking here, and check out what else I have been pinning!

Happy Halloween!

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